Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Dog Park - Okeeheelee Park W. Palm Beach

7715 Forest Hill Boulevard, West Palm Beach, FL

Emily gained weight over the holidays like the rest of us. So, she's been working hard to get back in shape and lose those extra pounds. We've been going to the Dog Park to play ball every other day.

We are so lucky to have this beautiful park right down the street. There's a large fenced in area for the dogs to play off-leash. There are separate areas for the big dogs and the little dogs. I wish Em could swim in this lake, but unfortunately it's not safe because there are 'gators.

Taking a rest after a good game of double ball.


Sarah said...

So cute! I like this post.

JudyBop said...

Cute huffing and puffing!

Katie said...

haha I like the tongue in the video!