Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Unbelievable Acres Botanic Gardens W. Palm Beach

Last week my class went to Gene Joyner's Unbelievable Acres. It is like going to a tropical rain forest. We saw all kinds of unusual trees, including many tropical fruits. The garden is open to the public the second Saturday of the month. Its open to private tours by appointment (561) 242-1686. 470 63rd Trail North, W. Palm Beach, FL. Call to schedule a visit.

Here's one of my classmates posing by the sausage tree. The sausages are up to 2 feet long.

Jakfruit - the world's largest fruit which can weigh over 70 lbs.
This is a pepper vine - where pepper (from salt & pepper) comes from.

The canonball tree.

A pomelo - tastes like a big grapefruit.

Jaboticaba - the fruit tastes like grapes and grows right on the trunk and limbs.


Carambola - the star fruit

Canastel - egg fruit

Black sapote - chocolate pudding plant

There's lots of banana trees.

An ornamental banana.


Katie said...

So tropical! cool. You must have loved it there.

JudyBop said...

Wow - those are some wild-looking plants. Florida can be so exotic.

Sarah said...

Wow, wild plants. Did your classmate pose by the plant because it looked like his hair?

Brenda said...

Great to see you at Unbelievable Acres today! March 9, 2011! What a glorious place!