Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Summer Visit to Florida

I'm enjoying a week in Florida - after a rainy cold summer in Maine, it sure is hot down here.
But, its fun to see what is in bloom this time of year.

The beautiful crepe myrtle.

My bromeliads are blooming!

And here's my sylvester date palm 'untied'. It doesn't look like a 'nudnick' anymore.

Its so much fun to see all my friends down here.


JudyBop said...

haha - I'm glad your tree isn't a nudnick. Hope you're having fun down there!

Sarah said...

Ha ha, yay nudnick! I wonder what's in bloom at Morikami. Or that other cool place you went to in the middle of the state. Are you going to come see our new apartment on your way back up to Maine?

Susan said...

I didn't go to Morikami as its just too hot to walk around in the daytime. Looking forward to seeing your new place, but won't make it Monday.