Saturday, September 12, 2009

A visit to Stroudwater Village - Portland, Maine

The Tate House in Portland, Maine was built in 1755 for Captain George Tate (1700-1794) and his family in the Stroudwater Village section of Portland. I love the fence.

From their website:

Tate served as the Senior Mast Agent for the British Royal Navy, overseeing the cutting and shipping of white pines from Maine to England. By law all white pine trees over twenty four inches in diameter were the property of the King and were marked with the sign of a “broad arrow” (three axe slashes). George Tate was responsible for the overseeing of the marking, removal, and loading of these “sticks” (as they were called) into the holds of ships waiting in he Fore River so they could be transported to the great shipbuilding cities in England.

It's fun to take a walk around Stroudwater village, Portland's first settlement.
I need to get back there someday to go into the museum.


Sarah said...

Those houses are really cool! I want to get to know Portland better.

Jeff said...

Thanks for posting a photo of my grandparents old house (the brick one next to the Tate House). I spent a good deal of my childhood playing in that yard!

Jeff from Hawaii

Susan said...


What a great place to grow up.

patty said...

I grew up in Strouwater and have a site on Facebook. i was wondering if it wuold be ok to take your photos and put them on my Facebook site. you can e-mail me at Thanks Patty Parker Plummer

Susan said...


You are welcome to use my photos. You can right click to save them.