Sunday, December 13, 2009

Planting a Succulent Container Garden

I led a workshop this week for my garden club on planting a succulent container. I bought 80 of these beautiful succulents at the Mounts Botanical Garden Plant Sale.

It was so much fun to pick these out.
You can buy directly from the growers. There is always a great selection of plants.

I got the terracotta bowls for $4.50 each at Home Depot. We used Miracle Grow Cactus Potting Soil which is a sandy soil.

I like to put a paper coffee filter in the bottom of the pot so the soil will not spill through.

The ladies busy at work. Glad they remembered their gloves.

Don't they look happy?

The finished product.

We topped each bowl with rocks.

These are easy to take care of - like full sun and to be watered sparingly.


Katie said...

I'm still trying not to kill your succulents from Maine! :)

Sarah said...

Those look nice. I wish I was better at keeping succulents alive.

JudyBop said...

Wow - 80 succulents. The little gardens look nice.