Friday, January 15, 2010

A visit to the Florida Scrub

I'm taking a course on Florida's native plants at Palm Beach Community College with Dr. George Rogers, the notable plant ID expert. Each week we go on field trips to look at plants in their native habitat.

We started with plants in the Florida Scrub habitat. Much of the scrub has been lost to development, and as you drive along, you see patches between the strip malls and high rises.

Two of the largest areas of remaining scrub are found on the Atlantic Coastal Ridge, which runs parallel and in close proximity to the east coast of Florida. We saw Myrtle Oak, Chapman's Oak, Dwarf and Saw Palmetto. (We also saw about 50 other types of plants).

We parked at Loggerhead Marine Life Center in Juno Beach.

It is a sea turtle hospital.

After class I went across the street to the beach.

This pelican was just hanging out enjoying the warmer weather. Definitely a fun place to visit.

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Katie said...

Oh I like the turtle!!!