Monday, May 3, 2010

Miniature Table Setting - Blue Ribbon

I won a blue ribbon for my miniature table setting at the Florida Federation of Garden Clubs, Shrunken Treasures, Petite Advanced Standard Flower Show.  Here's the writeup, my friend Christine did about it.

It is one thing to create a beautiful table top design, but quite another to create one that you actually want to sit down and enjoy. This is what Susan Hillson did in her 5" Blue Ribbon Winning Petite "Golf Tournament" Table Top Design. Cleverly using a miniature pewter Golf Bag tooth-pick-holder for fresh flowers Susan placed the golf club picks to create her line. She continued the flow of texture throughout the predominating pink color design which included mugs, plates, and napkins with silver bead napkin rings. You could not help but smile. Congratulations!


Sarah said...

That's cute. Where did you find all the miniature stuff?

Shirley said...

What an awesome arangement. I am so proud of you, and a blue ribbon no less!

Susan said...

The dishes came from Toys R Us as part of a tea set. The napkin rings are beads. The cups are the tops from Burt's Bees lip gloss. We made the tablecloth from paper from Joanne Fabrics.

Dad had the golf bag and picks - they are for serving appetizers.

It took awhile to come up with all this, but was fun!

webb said...

Just found your blog, and we have so much in common. Tho I am currently in Central Virginia year round, we are hoping to retire to south Carolina or Central Florida in a few years. It will be fun to change from a mid-Atlantic garden to a Florida garden, but I am not ready to do that yet!

Hope to spend some time with you in both your gardens.