Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Summer

The peonies are just gorgeous this year.

My favorite color combination - blue & yellow.  Lobelia & Melampodium

This cranesbill is one of my favorite plants.  It is a perennial that stays in bloom most of the summer.

In a shady spot - hosta, foxglove, spirea, and a fuschia

Perennial foxglove coming into bloom.

I love it when the days are so long - today we have about 16 hours of daylight.  Lots of time to garden.


webb said...

So nice to see a COOL garden. The heat has moved into Virginia and I am considering another desert garden for next year! Too hot to breath, much less water. Thanks for sharing!

Beyond The Garden said...

You must not have many munching deer or have found a good way to keep them off your hosta.

Susan said...

I do have problems with deer, as my house is in the woods. Two years ago this hosta was eaten.

My secret to prevention - a golden retriever, planting close to the house, and milorgonite.

Anonymous said...

I was directed to your blog by a friend of mine; and I was slightly perturbed to see your description of yourself as a "master gardener" - I thought well that's a little pretentious, until I looked at many of your photos and viewed your accomplishments, and now I wonder if "master gardener" is strong enough praise indeed.

Susan said...


I really wasn't 'tooting my own horn' (too much) saying I was a master gardener.

Master Gardeners are experienced and trained volunteers that provide horticultural information and education resources to the gardening public.

Master Gardener Training programs are offered in most states by county extension agents, colleges and universities and cover information on soil science, botany, entomology, plant pathology, pruning and propagation.

Once trained, master gardeners become community educators in gardening and environmental stewardship.

If you are interested in becoming a master gardener, check out your county extension agency.

Anonymous said...

I should have known it was a title by the way that you capitalized "Master Gardener" - anyway my comments were really supposed to be kind tongue in cheek, but they came out a little more confrontational than I intended :P
I can't become a MG because I don't live in the US and I can't grow stuff anyway; I came to your blog to see the photos of the bobcats :)