Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Funny Emily

Last summer Emily hurt her back.  This summer she's not quite as wild, but  I am happy to report she is doing great.  Playing ball, swimming, and here she is waiting for some 'action'.

I think its so funny how she crosses her legs.


Katie said...

haha Emily is finally becoming lady-like!

webb said...

Folks who think they know something about animal behavior think that the crossed "ankles" means that the dog is relaxed. When my husband was training dogs for obedience one of the hardest things for a young dog to learn was a "down stay" - just what Emily is doing. At first dogs would be antsy - apparently because they were afraid their owners would leave them. But as they got confident, many would "settle" and cross their ankles. So.... those folks would tell you that Emily is calm and happy and content. Just want any girl wants to be!

Sarah said...

AW what a cute post! I love it.