Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Common Ground Country Fair, Maine

A wonderful way to celebrate the fall is with a trip to the Common Ground Fair

You can buy all kinds of good food.

Lots of people wear Sweet Annie Crowns.

They wear all kinds of fun things.

We took a wagon ride.

More funny hats.

The kids always have a good time.

My favorite - the llamas!

Katie & Raf enjoy the strawberry cream puffs.

I always try some of the lamb.

Judy likes to check out the wool.

And the yarn too.
Judy and I sampled the Apple Pie Cones.  Delicious!


Sarah said...

You got good pictures! I'm sorry we didn't end up going on the same day. I hope I can see you before you go to Florida.

webb said...

What gorgeous wool and yarn. Makes me want to dive into knitting something!

JudyBop said...

It was fun! I'm glad we got to go again this year.