Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My winning streak

One of the things the garden clubs do to raise money is hold raffles. I've been on a winning streak this month. The first thing I won at the Wellington Garden Club meeting is this beautiful orchid.

Yesterday I went to the 'Tropical Short Course' put on by District X in Boca Raton. We heard three wonderful speakers, and I won this floral design. The container is a hollowed out bread bowl. I brought it to Mom & Dad's where we enjoyed it as the centerpiece at dinner last night.

I was so excited to win this afghan yesterday also! I am just learning how to crochet, and am making an afghan. But, it will take me years (if I ever) get it done as I have to keep pulling it apart and redoing it. This one is beautiful! It is made of granny squares with flowers sewn inside each.

Maybe its time to buy a few lottery tickets.


Sarah said...

Wow cool! I really like the afghan. That is a great prize. In response to your comment about tagging: it's sort of like a chain letter I guess. Another blogger tagged me to find the sixth picture in my sixth folder and post it. I was supposed to tag six more people, but I didn't tag anybody. If you want to join in, you can though. You can say I tagged you. (If you were asking about tagging UP, that is a baseball term.)

JudyBop said...

haha - I can't believe you won an afghan. That's a big thing to raffle off. I'm glad you're having such a lucky time.

Katie said...

Go Susie!