Friday, April 10, 2009

Grandview Heights Historic District House Tour W. Palm Beach

Last weekend I spent Sunday afternoon at the 14th Annual Grandview Heights house tour.

Grandview Heights was established in 1910. It is located in West Palm Beach within walking distance of the downtown, City Place and the Kravitz center.

Many of the homes are Craftsmen-style bungalows.

One of the coolest houses is owned by the artist Bruce Helander, who my friend Beverly knew when he was the President of Rhode Island School of Design. Here's some of the rooms I liked.

The gardens were wonderful, and show how much you can do in a small space.

A tropical oasis.
Bromeliads growing in the trees.

We ate a delicious Caribbean-style dinner of pork, rice & beans, and fried plaintains sitting under tents at the street party. As we ate, we listened to music by area jazz singer, SAMM.

All the men liked the vintage automobiles.

This looks like a great place to live.


Katie said...

That looks like a nice day. :)

Sarah said...

Mm, fried plantains are so good.

JudyBop said...

That place looks really cool. We should explore around there more the next time I come down. Our tour of Palm Beach was fun.