Tuesday, May 12, 2009


One of my favorite plants to grow in South Florida is the bromeliad. They are members of the pineapple family (Bromeliaceae), a family native to the American Tropics. Our garden club took a trip to Jeff Hutchinson's house in the Acreage, in West Palm Beach. Jeff is a bromeliad grower, who has designed many of the landscapes in my community. Here's some of my favorite photos from our visit.

Bromeliads are grown for their beautiful colored foliage. Most prefer the shade, although there are some that will live in a sunny spot.

Some bromeliads are epiphytes, and attach themselves to the trunks and branches of trees by their roots. They get the moisture and nutrients they need from the rain and air. I bought one of these, and put it in my live oak.

Some have beautiful flowers. Once they flower, they make babies, called pups. Then, the original plant dies. But, over time, you get a nice clump.

Bromeliads are drought tolerant, and require very little care. So easy, and so cool.

They are even happy growing in pots.


Sarah said...

They are cool. But aren't you in New England now? :)

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My Mother's Garden said...

Hi Susan~

What a delight it was meeting you at Mounts! I'm so glad to find a local gardener out here in blogland. Looks like Jeff Hutchinson's bromeliad collection was quite a sight to see! I am just starting to really appreciate the beauty of bromeliads.
Take care and happy gardening!