Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Trip North

We say goodbye to the palm trees in South Carolina.

Signs for miles point you to South of the Border - between North and South Carolina.

We loved seeing the wildflowers planted all along the roads in North Carolina. These are poppies.

In Virginia, pretty sign, but they mulch their 'fake' tulips.

Newark, New Jersey. And people complain about building windmills?

View of the New York Skyline. We got up early enough Sunday morning to take the George Washington Bridge.

Beautiful Connecticut. The worst drivers, but we know we're back in New England.

Lobster rolls with Judy at Newicks.

Back in time to see the daffodils in Maine! The first rain I've seen in months.
Definitely 'The Way Life Should Be'.

It's great to be back! Real grass.


Katie said...

Wowowow great post! I'm happy you're back! Hopefully I'll see you soon. Maybe around Grandma's birthday?

JudyBop said...

haha - cute post. I'm amazed you saw Newark with blue sky. I remember it with a brown sky I think.

Sarah said...

Cool post! The trip looks very fast from your pictures. The picture of Newark is wild. I'm surprised Connecticut had the worst drivers. I would have guessed Massachusetts or New Jersey. I love the picture of happy Emily!