Monday, June 29, 2009

The Windmill - Keuka Lake, NY

One of our favorite places to go while visiting the Finger Lakes is The Windmill Farm and Craft Market located on 14A between Penn Yan and Dundee. It is only open on Saturdays. You can buy all kinds of things - beautiful flowers and locally grown produce.

Handmade dolls.
Pickles and jellies.

Lots of wooden things.

Handmade quilts made by the local Menonites.

Flowers planted in all kinds of containers - at great prices (compared to New England).

We love the idea of planting in old shoes - especially the worn out toes.

Where else can you find a statue like this but around the Finger Lakes?


Sarah said...

I bought something from the jams and jellies stand in your picture - lemon dill pickled garlics. I haven't tried them yet because they were in Nathan's car at Mom's house overnight. I bet they're going to be good though! I tried some free samples of other items at that stand and they were all delish.

JudyBop said...

Great post - that place made me hungry! Lots of interesting things to see too. I like the flower photos.