Monday, September 29, 2008

Harvest time in my Vegetable Garden

Here's how my garden looked earlier in the summer. I love going out and picking the veggies for my ‘salad’. I grow 3 varieties of lettuce, spinach, mesclun mix, 2 varieties of cucumbers, 5 varieties of cherry tomatoes, plum, and heirloom tomatoes.

This time of year there's lots of tomatoes. Here's a fresh veggie tomato sauce Cyndy made.

I’ve learned how to can, and ‘put by’ for the winter. Its wonderful to cook with a jar of home-made tomato sauce and remember the taste of summer.

It was a banner pepper year!

One of the new things I tried to grow this year was 'Jack Be Little Pumpkins'. Look how cute they look on my window sill.

Let's hope for a few more weeks without a frost. It has already gotten down in the 30's at night.

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Sarah said...

Beautiful vegetables! This post makes me hungry.