Friday, October 17, 2008

Monhegan Island, Maine

Fall is a good time to visit Monhegan Island, which is a small rocky island, 10 miles off the coast of Maine. We got up bright and early in the morning and drove to New Harbor where we caught the ferry.

Upon arriving on Monhegan, and stepping off the boat, we immediately felt the atmosphere of island life - relaxation and quiet.
After a stop at Barnacle's restaurant for scones, we hiked up the hill into the village where there are artist's galleries, shops, and a one room schoolhouse that is still in use today.

The old ice house.

There are no cars or paved roads on the island. But, there are some cool old trucks and chickens crossing the road.

We watched an artist paint the harbor and the yellow house.

Monarch butterflies enjoy the asters.

Once outside the village there are over 17 miles of hiking trails through a fir and spruce forest. The island is only 1 3/4 mile long by 1/2 mile wide, so we were able to hike to the other side where it was so clear we could see views of the Camden Hills.

We came upon these lobster buoys outside a fisherman's house.

Who wants to come with me next year?


Judy said...

OK - I want to go next year. It looks super-cool!

Cyndy said...

I'll go, too! A reunion!