Monday, October 27, 2008

A 'Spooktacular' Sunday

I have always loved Boston since I first went to school there.

Its fun to take the 'T' into the city. You always see such interesting people! Who knows what that sideways peace sign means?

Heading for Katie's I get off at Kendall Square. This is sure different from Maine!

Katie cooked up ghostly treats!

Here's some of my favorites.

Sarah brought these 'Fuzzy Things'

Judy's tombstones.

We loved playing with the Nintendo Wii. All those golf lessons paid off - I got a hole in one!

Thanks Katie & Raf for a fun day!


Judy said...

haha - great photos. What a fun day!

Sarah said...

Well, in Japan I think the sideways peace sign means "vogue." I don't know what it means here though. It was fun playing Wii with you!

Katie said...

Thanks for coming to visit Susie! I hope you're having fun in Florida. Sorry about your nightmares. Someone suggested not going to bed too wound up. I'm going to try relaxing first tonight.