Monday, November 17, 2008

Fiesta Dinnerware

How I love my new Fiesta Dinnerware! I went to Linen's & Things closing sale and got it for 60-70% off. I'm sad to see one of my favorite stores closing, but excited to get these dishes.

My salad looks so much better on a Heather colored plate. I also got this 'Liz Claborn' placement.

I didn't find all the pieces - just dinner plates, luncheon plates, mugs, and 2 bowls.

I bought dinner plates in these beautiful colors: Cobalt blue, Heather, Evergreen, Shamrock, & Peacock. I found mugs in Tangerine & Sunflower also.

Since they were such a good price I have service for 20 or so... I'm ready for a party now!


Sarah said...

Cool! Now if we want to have a dinner party for about 36 people we can just put together your dishes, mine, and Katie's and they will all match. I agree food is better on fiestaware.

JudyBop said...

Beautiful - so colorful. I think you'll have fun with them. I like the party idea!