Friday, November 14, 2008

Wellington Garden Club Flower Show - Post Time

Here's some more of my favorite pictures from the flower show.

The first division was for Horticulture. You could either enter a potted plant or a cut specimen.

All plants are labeled with their botanical names and families. This is Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow (Brunfelsia latifolia in the solanacaea family). It got its common name because at any one time there will be white, lavender, and purple blooms on the same plant, and the color changes each day.

The plants with the colorful leaves are ti plants (Cordyline terminalis). I brought one of the cuttings home after the show, and inserted it into the ground. Thats all you need to do to
propogate them.

A beautiful display of cuttings from flowering shrubs. The blue flowers are from the Blue Butterfly bush, Clerodendrum ugandense. The flower is shaped like a butterfly.
The second division is for floral design. I always enjoy the table settings. The show had an equestrian theme - this class is called 'Lunch at the Corral'.

I'd like to eat at this table. The red flower is anthurium. I have them growing by my front door.
Check out those peppers - just like the ones I grew this summer.

'Polo Grounds Party Luncheon'

Here's one of my favorite designs - 'Polo Fever' - a design featuring orchids

This was so cool - a woven coconut palm leaf. We all want to learn how to do this.

My neighbors and good friends, Christine & Phil, pose by Christine's design 'Tall in the Saddle'.
Christine just joined the garden club, and this was her first Flower Show entry. She won the blue ribbon for her class, the Tricolor Award for best design in the Section, the Award for the best use of color. and Design Excellence Award for the best design in the show. Go Christine! Its great to have such talented friends - maybe I can learn something from her ...

There's also a Youth Section. Here's some of the entries from our Junior Gardener's club.

The show opened with a VIP Preview Party. There were edible arrangements. We ate them - they taste as good as they look.

One of the member's made this edible arrangement which was sitting on the table with the drinks.

This was the first time the Wellington Garden Club put on a standard flower show. Over 500 people came to see it. Wow!

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Sarah said...

I like all these big bright pictures! My favorites are the hot pepper table, the kids' critters, and the member's edible arrangement. When it gets to be the dead of winter up here, you'll have to keep posting colorful plants for us.