Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Enjoying the harvest in December

I’m still using some of what I grew last summer.

For xmas dinner we’re having roast leg of lamb cooked in tomato sauce, which I canned using last summer’s plum tomatoes. It is seasoned with the garlic I grew, and rosemary which I dried.

We’re also having winter squash (Jack-Be-Little Pumpkins) roasted with butter and maple syrup, made from a friend’s trees.

We had beets this week which kept quite nicely in the refrigerator hydrator drawer. Not too long ago, we finished the last carrots.

This is a butternut squash (Waltham) that I grew a few years ago. The woodchucks ate most of them, but I got a few. I think I'll try more winter squash next year since they last well into the winter.

And for desert, rugala with homemade blueberry jam made from the blueberries I picked at my friend Donna's house this summer.


Sarah said...

I really miss those fresh veggies. It's cool that you preserved so many, and you get to go have more fresh ones in Florida.

JudyBop said...

Your garden looks beautiful in that picture. So many delicious veggies!