Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Festival of Trees at Good Will-Hinckley School

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas...

Every December for the last 17 years, Hinckley School's historic Prescott Hall is set up with 24 Christmas trees each artistically decorated with a different theme by local Maine groups and crafts-people.

The Waterville Community Garden Club has decorated a tree every year for the last 15. Of course we choose a garden related theme. This year our theme was Deciduous Forest – all ornaments were made from materials from deciduous trees. (trees that lose their leaves in the winter). Members collected leaves, nuts, and seedpods and made ornaments all during the fall. Right before the festival starts we decorate the tree.

Here's what we have around the tree - a star fence made of twigs and birch reindeer.

All the trees were beautiful, but I think this one is my favorite. An old fashioned Christmas with gingerbread men, ornaments made from apples and popcorn, cranberry, and cinnamon stick garlands.

I love some of the things under the trees... Teddies in a Wagon

Cookie Baking Supplies

The Bloomfield Garden Club from Skowhegan pressed flowers during the summer and made beautiful ornaments for their tree 'Artistry with Dried Botanicals'. This is cedar painted gold.

This is artemesia with queen anne's lace in the center.

We made 25 or so centerpieces for the opening brunch buffet. They looked great on the tables.

We also helped make up these cute centerpieces.
I'm so glad I was in Maine this year for the Festival of Trees!


Sarah said...

Wow, so creative! I never knew how busy you were with all your garden clubs.

Name: Rafael Cruz said...

awesome trees!