Thursday, December 4, 2008

Waterville Maine Community Garden Club Floral Design Workshop

The very talented Jeff Carter, owner of Waterville and Augusta Florist, conducted a flower design workshop for our garden club. We brought the greens - we are so lucky to have fresh balsam, white pine, cedar, and spruce growing in the woods. We created a traditional mass design using mums, protea, star of bethlehem, and hyperical berries.

The first step is to secure the oasis (floral foam) in the container with floral adhesive tape. A trick I just learned is to put the tape off center - so you don't cover the center where you want to add your flowers. For this design we added candle holders.

Next the greens are added. They are used to hide the oasis, and should also come out over the edge of the container.

Finally the flowers are added. We also used pine cones and mini Christmas ball ornaments.

A beautiful centerpiece for the holiday table. If watered daily to keep the oasis wet it should last a few weeks.


Sarah said...

These are nice and festive. How does the Maine garden club compare to the Florida garden club?

Susan said...

What's different - my garden club in Maine meets at night and many of the members work. My club in Florida meets in the day; members have more time and devote the energy that often goes into work to the garden club.

The clubs reflect the interests of their geographic locations - in Maine people grow everything they can in a very short growing season, including vegetables. In Florida everything grows (too fast sometimes), and members have lots of interests in tropical plants, orchids, bromeliads, and palms.

What's the same - garden club people are creative, interesting, and fun. They are most generous in sharing their knowledge, experience, and plants. I've made some of my best friends from garden club.