Monday, December 1, 2008

First Snow

There's nothing like the first snow of the year! When I left Boston it was sunny and in the 60's. Heading north it clouded in, then north of Portland, (Maine), I saw it - snow! After sliding down the driveway, and warming up a freezing house, Emily and I both agree 'Its great to be back!'. Emily found a tennis ball right away.

The lake is just starting to freeze over. Its so quiet and beautiful.

Emily loves to get dirty.

Maine, the way life should be.


JudyBop said...

hahaha - I love that face. Emily must be super-happy! I can see you're having fun in Maine.

Katie said...

HAHAHA omg. Your life is wild. :)

Sarah said...

Oh man, such cute pictures of Emily. She is a Maine dog.